Let us take a look at the areas of utilisation of Keboy

  • It is widely used as a sweetener, colouring agent and source of aroma
  • Mixed with hot or cold water or milk,
  • As a total alternative to cocoa or mixed with cocoa,
  • In the production of gateaux, biscuits, cakes, caramel and nougat,
  • In bakery products,
  • And in the manufacture of ice cream.

In addition, according to domestic and foreign sources, it has been determined that:

  • Because of its high calcium content (3 times greater than milk) it is very effective against bone wasting (osteoporosis) which is observed in the elderly and especially in middle-aged women after menopause;
  • Because of its high phosphorus content it has a great effect on the development of the nervous system and brain cells;
  • It acts as an anti-diarrheic because of its high potassium content;
  • Because of its high raw cellulose content it has an important effect on the bowels and acts against gastritis;
  • It is beneficial to the liver, lungs and blood pressure because of its high potassium and sodium content;
  • It has very positive effects on the teeth and gums because of its high mineral and vitamin content.
  • It has been known and used for thousands of years as a source of natural strength and nutrition because it is rich in natural sugars, minerals (in particular zinc and phosphorus) and vitamins (c, e, b, b2, b3, d).

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